We can say that a sexual attraction is a form of multiplication (Gen 9:7). It’s like John Cage and music: we’re used to certain forms of it, but there’s much more where it’s coming from (so pretty much everything is a music, vibration). Likewise, the human sexuality is a very narrow form of multiplication, and any multiplication is, in turn, sexual. When cancer is eating a body, or a space Alien, or ((purple: when a colony of ants is eating each other, or when a star is collapsing)) – it is all a form of some sexual silver and gold process (2021-06-28), of expanding transmutation (or transmuting expansion).
Take the xenophobic Herr Mannelig, for example: it is not just about the troll genes but rather the borders of the Christian culture. Mingling with a fairy or nixie would have created a pore into their culture, to transmute and expand, and the valiant squire would have none of this.

A problem with multiplication is when it happens too fast. Neil Turok [mentions](https://youtu.be/f1x9lgX8GaE), for example, that a wave-like nature of light might have resulted in the sun emitting all of its energy in an instance, where it not for the limits of the corpuscular theory. The life as we know it happens mostly on the boundaries of counter-balanced expansion.

That is, co-evolution. The likes of which we see in Generative Adversarial Networks. Because unlimited expansion needs not to learn much. It is when the environment constrains the expansion (such as [a limited amount of food in a dish](https://youtu.be/w4sLAQvEH-M)) that the alternative approaches to expansion get their chance at transmuting the organism, a chance for it to learn something.

Freud might have been right in that the libidinal transmuting expansion is a fundamental spring of the psyche, and also the organic life itself.

p.s. It might be convenient to think of 42, the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything,” as expanding transmutation. Googling numerology, 4 stands for stable productivity (expansion) and 2 stands for relationships and harmony (transmutation).

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2 thoughts on “2022-04-18

  1. Anonymous

    p.s. This is also a link between the hatred and education (2021-10-10): to hate is to oppose an expansion of a system and thus to foster an adaptive transmutation in it.

    p.s. “*Run to get!*” (1 Cor 9:24) can be heard then as `expand to hit your limits and transmute`.
    Likewise “*To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often*”.


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