9 Disgusting Foods You Didn’t Know Existed


If you’ve spent any time browsing the internet, you probably know that it is a bizarre and wonderful place. There are so many strange things out there, from creepy pasta to terrifying tomatoes. But what about the more unusual things that exist somewhere in between? There are plenty of weird foods out there, but these 9 will make even the most hard-hearted skeptics do a double-take. These disgusting things aren’t just weird—they’re also pretty gross. If you think you can handle it, read on to learn about 9 of the most nauseating foods on earth. If you like reading weird news and being grossed out by different yucky stuff then this article is for you! Let us know if you think we missed anything particularly disgusting in the comments below.

Rainbow Shrimps

Rainbow shrimps are one of the most beautiful foods you’ll ever see, but their beauty is only skin deep. Rainbow shrimps are actually a kind of crustacean that is bred in a bizarre way. They are kept in tanks with red lights, blue lights, and green lights that make the shrimps change colour. This means that when you buy them, they come in all kinds of crazy colours, including neon pink, neon orange, and electric blue. The thing that makes them so disgusting is that they’re not actually dyed. The shrimps’ shells are naturally this colour, and the coloured lights change their pigment. If the lights are turned off, the shrimps will go back to a natural grey colour.

Whale Meat

Whale meat is commonly eaten in Japan, where there are restaurants that do nothing but serve it. It’s a pretty normal food there, but it’s still horrifying to Westerners. Whale meat is almost always eaten raw, and is served either as sashimi or in fishy soups. It’s served with soy sauce, which somehow makes it even more disgusting. If you were to imagine the worst thing to eat, whale probably wouldn’t be your first choice, but it’s actually really bad. The meat is extremely oily, and has a very fishy taste that’s quite unpleasant. Most people describe it as being like eating soggy bacon. It’s also incredibly fatty, which is fantastic if you love heart attacks. To make things even worse, some whale meat is mislabelled as regular fish, so you could easily be eating this disgusting thing without even knowing it.

Marinated Frog Legs

Frog legs have been eaten since ancient times, and are still eaten in some parts of the world. They are most frequently found in French restaurants and Chinese restaurants, where they are prepared in a variety of ways. But they’re not just eaten in fancy restaurants—you can buy them from supermarkets as well, marinated in all kinds of weird flavours. Frog legs are pretty disgusting, but they’re not among the worst foods out there. However, marinating them in strange flavours makes them even more horrible. They’re usually served in soy sauce and garlic, so they’re very salty and pongy. There are many different flavours of marinated frogs’ legs, but the most common is garlic.

Smoked Black Sheep Turds

Smoked black sheep turds are a Scottish delicacy that is so bizarre and disgusting that it makes a lot of people never want to visit Scotland. It’s a very salty and cheesy snack that is often served with a beer. While it may not be the prettiest snack in the world, it’s far from the worst. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Black sheep are the sheep that are too fat to be used for meat. They are slaughtered, and their droppings are used to make a type of tobacco. These tobacco leaves are then smoked and turned into turds. Eating a black sheep turd is basically like smoking a cigarette, but with less nicotine, and without having to hold it.

Rabbit Stew With Realistic Fake Rabbit Bits

Rabbit is a very popular dish in many countries, but how many of us know that it can be served with a side of realistic fake rabbit bits? Rabbit is usually served stewed, but in parts of the world, it’s also served with artificial rabbit legs. These fake rabbit legs are usually made from chicken, but they’re coloured with black food dye to make them look like real rabbit legs. Why are people eating fake rabbit? They’re often served to people who can’t eat rabbits, like Muslims, Jews, and people with allergies.

Durian Fruit With A Realistic Fake Durian Skin

Durian is a very strange-looking fruit that is commonly eaten in parts of Southeast Asia. It’s often compared to eating rotten cheese, and is notorious for smelling like really bad farts. But the worst thing about durian is that it comes in a weird plastic wrap that you have to peel away. There are many disgusting things about the durian fruit, but the worst is the packaging. The fruit is covered in a thick, plastic-like skin that you have to peel away. It’s super thick and is notoriously hard to get off. It’s so difficult to get off that there are many videos online of people trying to peel it off their hands, and failing. It’s pretty terrible.

Stink Beans

Stink beans are a type of bean that is mainly grown in China. They’re a popular snack, but they’re also used in herbal medicine. The beans naturally smell something between bad breath and rotten eggs. They’re used in herbal medicine because they have a very strong smell that repels insects. They’re also used for scenting rooms and keeping pests away from crops. Stink beans are a pretty disgusting snack, but there’s a popular way of eating them. You pop the beans in your mouth, chew them for a bit, and then spit them out. It’s a bit like Edward Cullen’s method of eating in Twilight. It’s not particularly appetising, but it’s better than eating them straight from the tin.

Bagel Bites Made From Actual Garbage (They’re Only For Rich People)

There are many disgusting things that are only eaten by rich people, but bagel bites made from actual garbage is near the top of the list. One type of bagel bites made by the company Trader Joe’s are made from actual garbage. That’s right—they’re made from things like rice husks, peanut shells, and corn cobs. They’re called “Crazy Bagels”, which is a great name for something that’s made from actual garbage. This also makes them one of the most disgusting things on this list.

3D-Printed Food: The Future Is Now!

The final disgusting thing is 3D-printed food that has come out of nowhere and is ready to be eaten. The first 3D-printed food was created in the year 1986 and has recently been redeveloped with a newer and improved technique. These 3D-printed foods may look a bit strange while they are being made but once they are done they taste just like normal foods, even if they are just shaped like cubes. These foods are made by putting a mixture of flavours and textures inside a machine, and a few minutes later, they have been 3D-printed into the shape of cubes, spheres, or other geometric shapes. These 3D-printed foods are healthy and are good for people who are on diets as they do not have any sugar or fat.

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