A Confession


It was finally today that I let my heart speak and not let my brain mess up with me. For the past few months, I like someone, it’s a deep attraction something that just keeps me wanting to like-love the idea of that person. Every time I discussed it with my bestie or rather any girlfriend they suggested I don’t express and just keep it because these feelings will fade away. I tried, though me and him are friends, and we are so normal, we meet once in a while and we are super normal. I’ve been thinking that my liking or niceness is pretty obvious because I am a reserved person otherwise. My heart was not at peace and it was constantly on my mind. Without any intention of a response or commitment, I just wanted to share how I felt (and i think it is right to tell someone how you feel).
We were out today, I was unsure and the whole time I was calculating my steps… and the only thing that made me uncomfortable was the idea of being judged. I asked the person to keep my secret and finally, I expressed my likeness. It was something I never expected to do, or maybe not expected of me to say but I did it. Maybe I will be judged or maybe it was never a big deal, The answer I got was a smile and thank you. Even though I know that there aren’t the same feelings from the other side, still did it anyway! let’s see what comes in the coming days…

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