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Ok, now I know you probably may think I’m playing a devils advocate here, but I would like you to hear me out. Now recently a lot of allegations have come out against the Youtuber Skydoesminecraft. These are very serious allegations about them and these claims seam to be legit. I understand that this means they did horrible things. I am in no way arguing against that. However I would like to reinforce the fact that they appears to have been going through serious mental problems. Now you might say that mental problems don’t excuse bad behavior. While I agree that it in no way justifies it, it changes the factors to the situation. From what it seams, they have been going through not just regular mental problems, but problems in their very ability to make rational judgements. This doesn’t make what they did better, but if you are literally unable to make a rational decision or your ability to make one has been compromised to an extent, than you can’t sort a good thing to do from a bad thing. What they did was absolutely discussing, but their mentality unable to understand this. And that’s not their fault. I feel horrible for the people who they have hurt and mean absolutely no disrespect towards them. I believe that Adam should be held accountable for what they did. But I am not saying that they should be punished. By being held accountable for this when they are this insane, I mean that they should be put in rehabilitation. I would also think that once this is under control that they should apologize and show people that, that wasn’t their true self. But that isn’t something that people can control. I know other people have mental illnesses and have managed to get through it. But what Sky had seamed far beyond a normal mental illness. Would you blame someone for doing something like this if they were going insane from Alzheimer’s? I know he has refused treatment, but this again is almost undoubtedly do to the illness itself. That’s the thing about mental illness, it’s hard to get it treated if the illness is keeping you from realizing you are sick in the first place. For a moment imagine yourself as messed up in the head as Sky. Could you truly trust yourself that you wouldn’t go the same rout? I certainly couldn’t. Mabey some of you could. But for a far majority of you, I think not. I’m sure that many of you in ignorance think you could. Well I’m gonna say this, I’m no expert on the matter, but I honestly don’t think that being one is necessary realize just how ridiculous that claim is. Sky has been going through problems that most of us will likely never understand fully. We may see it, but unless one were to actually experience it, they will likely never know what it’s really like. And I’m sure all you could accomplish by calling him a terrible person and feeding him negative comments is further push them into this sickness, Again I want to make clear that what they did was completely wrong and discussing. I’m also not saying that the ones around them didn’t do enough to help. They did their best, but some things are better left to the people who are the professionals (in this case psychiatric people). My best wishes to both the people he hurt and to Sky themselves. To those who he hurt I’m sorry for what happened to you and hope you can recover. To Sky I hope you get the help you need.

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