Am I the asshole/will I die


I got pregnant with my son in high school, was a devoted single mom. I didn’t date much. When my son was in high school I started dated a guy who turned out to be a huge sex addict and liar. He asked me to marry him and I said no, I would only marry someone who needed something from me like a green card or something and when I die, in return my spouse would give my pension to my only son.
I fell in love with a guy who needs to marry to stay in the country. I’ve never been married and I am extremely scared to get married.
So now I’m scared, am I dying soon?

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One thought on “Am I the asshole/will I die

  1. Muskan

    I don’t think you are. Love and marriage are a pure and amazing. I know the thoughts in your mind right now, my mom was also married to such a man who took responsibility of all of us, me, sis and mom and then left within three months. But there are a million others who have it successful too. If you really like him, and see that he has the potential of marrying you, and you also see that he is genuienly into you, you go girl….take a shot. But its no rush…figure out where your relationship with him stands first and then if you are convinced, go for it. Also make sure that your son feels right about him, kids know best, even though it takes time. You deserve love sweetheart…and believe me, we gotta kiss a million frogs before we get our prince.


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