Anonymous – my quick 2 cents


What does anonymous mean?

Being unknown or no name or names associated. (not the hacker group)

There are so many people today that would love to be well known and famous. Being an Instagram star, influencer, TikToker, YouTuber or some kind of internet personality is coveted by individuals all over the world – mainly for the money it could bring in. Some people would love to be recognised in the street and adored by fans. There are a lot of perks that come with being well known, like free gifts, respect to some level (hotels, restaurants, shopping etc..), and sponsorships – to name a few.

Being famous means things can become a little easier in life. Look at someone like Kylie Jenner/Rhianna/Beyonce, their businesses will become successful because of who they are. Do they need to start small and work hard to market their products? People would love to work with someone well known like them so they could become recognised, trusted and more successful. Great for Marketing.

But then there are problems with fame like paparazzi harassing you, crazy fans, no private life and everyone watching your every move. Plus there is Jealousy. Some people can get jealous of your success and have it out for you, in one way or another. You need to move carefully & stealthily to avoid as much problems as possible. But is your life, privacy and sometimes sanity worth all the attention? Choosing to keep a low profile and not chase fame means you will also not have the marketing power that comes with fame- but sometimes you have the skill to make yourself a success, through experience and know-how.

Banksy the famous street artist says that, anonymity is like a superpower. And I agree. I think being unknown and rich is the best life. You can spend your wealth as you like with no eyeballs watching you and no one bothering you. Your private life is kept intact but you live the best life with all the perks of being rich. When you have people watching you, you have to be on your best behaviour as people see you as an example and that can be tough. If you do anything wrong or unexpected it can become news that spreads like Chinese Whispers. People will twist it to whatever seems tastier, news outlets would spin it to get more attention and clicks and people will pick on you. It could take time to go away or it could never go away.

Anonymity is a joy!

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