Arabica Coffee is the best coffee I have ever had


Have you heard of the Coffee chain, Arabica Coffee (logo: %)? They are the best coffee I have ever had. They have over 120 stores all over the world. They own the first store they opened in Hong Kong in 2013, and I think the other stores all over the world are franchised. This brand was started by Kenneth Shoji, who owns his own coffee farm in Hawaii.

Arabica Coffee is a unique Speciality Coffee concept which serves and roasts the best coffee from around the world. % Arabica looks to make the perfect yet simple cup of coffee and fine selection food. The high quality coffee beans are roasted fresh in store – the success of the business is based on the company’s commitment to quality and service with the goal of letting its customers ‘See the World Through Coffee’. Arabica is now the fastest growing specialty coffee brand in the world.

Kenneth says “As for the logo, one day, I was looking at the “%” mark on my computer keyboard, and realised that it looked like coffee cherries on a branch, then I immediately thought I can make a global brand with this.”

Their stores are really well designed with a very minimalist design, using light colours (white) and the store feels very modern, clean and luxurious. Their menu is small, and they do one thing really well, make a great coffee.

I have tried the Spanish Latte and it was the best Spanish latte I have ever had. They are very popular over Asia and the Middle East, and I tried it in Dubai. It was recommended to me by a friend who is a coffee connoisseur. The price of a coffee is on the top end, but totally worth the money. – Our first goal is to become a sustainable global coffee brand by having our footprint all over the world, but with curated selections of locations)

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