Autism sucks


I feel bad for people who have it. It’s not fair to them. They’re lonely because they struggle to socialize. Some can’t even talk and use the bathroom without a diaper.

I don’t understand why it’s so celebrated. I just wish they could have normal average lives. Fuck autism

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2 thoughts on “Autism sucks

  1. Anonymous

    i agree, autistic people don’t suck autism sucks and not just for them but their loved ones who want so badly to connect. My dd is autistic and highly intellectual but so rigid it is making her survival difficult. I can’t connect.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s a weird thing to say, autism isn’t inherently bad, autism is just a normal variation of the human brain. Don’t treat it like it’s some terrible disease, that’s really rude to people who are autistic. It’s apart of someone’s identity, when someone is autistic it makes up who they are in every way. You can’t separate autism from a person and therefore to hate on autism is like saying you don’t like the person.


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