Best Free Video / Video Editor for Vlogs, iOS / iPhone & Android


A completely free video editor that does not charge you for using any version of the app. You have everything that every other video editors have and more all with no charge. There is a great growing community of like minded video enthusiasts using the app.

There are plenty of great video editors out there, that allow you to edit and enhace your videos. In this day and age everybody is recording videos, and sharing them on social media, so the best free video editor is needed when it comes to getting ahead of the rest. You have InShot, Splice, CapCut, Adobe premier pro, iMovies, Final Cut Pro and so many more that are available on iOS iPhone, Android, PC and online. Some of these have a free version, but when it comes to wanting to use more filters, or more editing features you have to upgrade and pay monthly. Others charge you a yearly fee or a one time free that can be expensive.

What makes a good video editor? (let us know in the comments if we miss anything)

  1. Music – When it comes to free video editors Music is key. But they can’t use music recorded by artists as that comes with licencing fees, so they have free sounds available that have no copywrite. They are vast libraries of free copywrite music that can be added to videos. You never know you could find something that really makes an impact. These video editors should also allow effects like, gunshot sounds, claxon sounds, whistling sounds, thunder, sppoky heart beats, squeaking doors and more. You should also be allowed to record your own sound over music.
  2. Stickers & Text – Stickers add some colour to your videos. You have a gallery of free stickers that convey all kinds of emotions and feelings. And theres text, where you can change the colour, border, and size of the text. Add as many text pieces to your videos and tilt them to angles that suit you.
  3. Filters – who does not love filters? They are used on almost every photo/video to enhance it in one way or another. There are so many filters out there that can change the look of the video all together. There are some filters that change the colours of the video, some that enhance the video and others that can add AI features to the video. Filters are becoming better and better with newer technologies and as time goes by. Filters will change videos in ways you could not imagine.
  4. Video Adjustments – things like light, contrast, warmth, tint, saturation, curves and more. What do all these do? They can change the appreance of your video and enhance certain parts like making the video lighter or darker, adding richness and selecting where you want these enhancements made on the video. This can be very powerful and when done right, you can create something very professional looking.
  5. Then you have speed, crop, rotate, split, cut, duplicate, and more. These are kind of self explanitory and the basics of video editing. Every video editor should have the ability to split videos, cut videos, select the playback speed of videos, to duplicate the same video and more.
  6. GIFS – gifs are huge!! They should come with every video editor to convey what you feel at a certain time. Gifs can add some life into your videos and really help you share what you feel in that moment in the easiest way, with a gif. You can overlay gifs on videos or add a blank screen and place a gif on top of it.

You should also be able to select the volume of videos so if you add a sound on top you can lower the video sound so it does not interfere with the music sound. You should also be able to select the length of videos to shorten or lengthen them.

The best free Video Editor for Vlogs, iOS / iPhone & Android

YouVidyo – is already gaining a massive following at a rapid pace, even with the release date coming soon. Created for the outliers, those who look at life from different angles, the mavericks, those who don’t follow but lead. The unorthodox. Those who show the way. Those who help illuminate the path to greatness. Those who give more and take less. The leaders, the game changers, the ones who are different, the ones who make an impact. The ones society shuns, the ones who people are against because the envy who they are. YouVidyo is a place for you to be who you are.

There is more coming about YouVidyo. Stay tuned.

You can find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more.

Price: Free Forever
Release Date: TBA (to be announced)

iMovies is another great one if you’re starting out and you can edit on a smartphone.

Apple iMovie – For Mac users
Price: Free

Made for Mac and iOS. Make videos on your Apple device that will rival professional editing programs. Simply choose the media you want, and then let iMovie do its work, highlighting the best footage and automatically editing out the worst. Add titles, music, and transitions to add some spice and use one of the many different styles to give your video something more. Trimming and splitting clips are made easy with the use of additional tools. Tell a story with Storyboards or showcase your expertise with video storytelling. Regardless of how you use the program, sharing is easy when you are finished, thanks to several sharing options, including your Photos library, Messages, and Mail.


Auto-save feature
Easy personalization


Missing more advanced tools of other programs
Not for advanced users

DaVinci Resolve
Best for advanced users

Compatibility: Linux, Mac, Windows
Price: Free

DaVinci Resolve is an advanced program loved by Hollywood and used by graphic enthusiasts worldwide. It has 4 parts: professional 8K editing, visual effects, colour correction, and audio post-production. It is a program made for advanced editing needs, that might be difficult for some novice users. The tools that DaVinci Resolve offers are focused on high-end post-production. There is 32-bit float YRGB image processing for improved clarity, as well as advanced audio tools to improve your sound. You can work at up to 60 frames per second with the option to produce your choice of SD, HD, or Ultra HD resolution files. You have access to Fusion, the 3D workspace designed to enhance your film.

Active user community

Requires a lot of space
too much for beginners
Takes some adjusting coming from Final Cut


Compatibility: Windows
Price: Free

The VSDC – Free Video Editor with a full video editing software with tons of extras. There are also tools to help you make edits and improve audio. Record voice overs, use extras like filters and other effects to make your video bang. Other tools – color correction, 360 video editing with extra tools for charts. Additional editing features, picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. VSDC offers great accessibility, with minimum system requirements that suit even older PCs. Simple, quick and efficient.


Loaded free plan
Multiple formats available
Advanced editing tools


No Mac version
It may be a little intimidating to beginners
Restricted media library

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