Daisy’s Donkey Wish (Part 1)


(This is based off of a deleted story from gvsdude89. I don’t remember all the details so bare with me.) Princess Daisy was walking around her castle, bored out of her mind. Everything looked good in Sarasaland. The few civilians that lived in the kingdom were doing well off, and were generally pretty satisfied with the rulership. Daisy was trying to relax on her thrown when she felt something hard underneath the cushion. She pulled out some real genuine morph materia! “Morph Materia! I remember when Tifa used this stuff on us girls! She turned Peach into a cat, and gave Samus, Zelda,and Rosalina donkey ears and tails! All she did to me was turn me into a French maid.” Daisy frowned. As ridiculous as it seemed, growing long ears and a tail seemed kinda cool. Even Peach got them for a little bit. Daisy felt left out. “I know this is crazy, but I gotta try it out!” Daisy then held the materia in her hands, closed her eyes, and focused. It started glowing, and she could feel her ears slowly stretch out, longer and longer. As they did, brown fur began to cover them, matching her brunette hair quite nicely. Pretty soon, Daisy had a full blown pair of Donkey ears gracing the side of her head. During this sudden transformation of her ears, she felt a slight tingling sensation in her tailbone. It started out as a nub, but slowly snaked it’s way out of her. Fur was forming the lengthwise of the tail, with a brown tip at the end. Now Daisy had a long, beautiful donkey tail. She opened her eyes to check out her new look in a nearby mirror. “Woah, my ears look awesome!” Daisy lifted her dress to check out her tail. “And so does my super cute tail! Didn’t the girls keep braying after they got transformed? I’ll have to try that out.” Daisy focused again, feeling a slight tickle in her throat. “I HEEHAW hope it worked.” She jumped up and down, squealing with joy. “Just as I HAWped! I even sound like a donkHEEHAW!” Daisy then focused again, wanting to make one final adjustment. She wanted a good butt to go well with her tail, so she concentrated, feeling her butt swelling and plumping up, until it noticably stuck out from her dress. “HEEHAWsume! Now I have a beautiful looking round butt to go with my tail! Daisy was about to go put the materia in a safe place, but tripped on a wrinkle in the rug. The materia shattered instantly, losing its color and turning to dust. Daisy looked, horrified. “Oh no. What HAW have I done!” (End of part 1.)

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