Dealing with evil family & people


People can get really jealous & evil sometimes, and for no apparent reason. They will start spreading rumours about you, turning people against you and trying to do everything to make your life a misery.

They will send people to fight with you, gather a group, turn them against you and mock you, pick on you and maybe even worse. Everywhere you go where they are, you will see them turn people against you through lies and rumours. They will turn everything upside down and on its head.

When it comes to your family and you need something, no matter how many times you ask they will ignore you, because they are so jealous. They make home life a misery and when you are dependant on them it is the worst. They bully, lie, cheat, manipulate, deceive and when you see them coming from a mile away, they still carry on with no shame.

Staying quiet is the worst thing. They think because you don’t say anything they can carry on doing whatever they want. If you go down this road it is hard to come back, because when you open your mouth they will mock you and won’t stop until you shut up.

Being kind to them, makes them more haughty and arrogant, but sometimes as family you have no choice. You will never get the same kindness back, so don’t expect it. You have to keep being nice as you are reliant on them. Keeping quiet and patient is all you can do. Quiet and patient until you can get yourself together, make some money and leave. You don’t want to end up like these people, so always be the best you can be.

It is difficult to put up with this shit, but when you have no choice, what can you do but keep patient. If I had a choice and was in a good place mentally, I would get up and leave, stay away from them forever and never give a shit about what people think or do. Having a strong mindset is key, but when you’re in an environment that is full of accusations, fights, evil, envy and jealousy, all the time, it is hard.

The best thing I have found to do is to keep away from them as much as possible, keep yourself in your room, or go out, stay away for as long as you can. You and your mental health come first. F*ck everyone else, you aren’t responsible for them or their action.

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2 thoughts on “Dealing with evil family & people

  1. Anonymous

    i agree! also. one other person is this guy i know from work jeremy. i am trying to apologize and hes being a jerk.


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