Emanation of consciousnesses from a proto-consciousness leads to habitual predation, as these compete for a resource. The future competes for space and form with the present (unless we take something like the infinitely branching parallel realities into account).

What if Cronus is simply tired of loosing everything to predation? (cf. Death in Zelazny’s Donnerjack.)
The dream of mystical reconciliation might pursue the collective unconscious as a contraforce to the endless war of evolution. God as a perfect and fixed Monad (described by Dionysius the Areopagite for example) might be not so much a source, as an escape hatch of creation (Alpha and Omega).

Essentially, the Divine have to choose always between the many deaths of the consciousness and realities emanating from it and the death of itself (for a fixed Monad is a dead Monad).

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