Drake and Cesena


A NSFW force straight story. All characters are over 18

Cesena was a domantrix style female lesbian who had a relationship with Carol which ended in her shooting her down. She survived. It was a clear case of domestic violence but Cassen got away scotch free.

Cesena was sitting one morning drinking tea when suddenly someone knocked on the door. She saw through her door window a tall bulky man. She opens the door. “What the hell do you want?”. The man speaks “my name is Drake and remember Carol”. She speaks “that bitch yeah what about her?”. Drake was taken aback a little. “I know you what you did and I have evidence”. She steers at him “what do you want money?”. “Oh no what I want is something more personal. I want to rehabilitate you and unless you agree I’m going make sure you end up in prison for life”

“What do you mean rehabilitate me”. “I’m going to cure you of your homosexuality. Ever time you act out I’m going to spank you and we’re going to breed ever night until you start enjoying straight sex”.” Hell no”. He shows her the tape “fine then I’ll just give this to the authorities”. For the first in her life Cesena looks genuinely scared.” Alright I’ll do it just don’t show the authorities”. “You have my word”

So ever day Drake through means unknown kept watch on her and ever night he would come to her to breed. She was reluctant at first but would let out moans and reach orgasm like any other woman though she takes a bit longer. Drake enjoys the challenge.

One time he found out she had gone and kissed another girl. Drake was furious”I know what you did”.”it’s was just a kiss”.”no it’s time for your punishment”. Drake grab her over his shoulders this for this broad muscley man it was easy for him. Cesena was a white girl with black eyes and black hair, she was a 9/10 in terms of looks and at the time wore black clothes.”Hey let me go!” “Shut up” Drake says commandly upon this she humps and turns her head away from Drake and crosses her arms. Drake quickly tears through her black stockings and pulls down her blacks panties and sat here on his lap. With his bare hands

The first slap leaves an immediate ah! From Cesena as the strong blow surprise her. Next was an opch as she starts feeling the pain. After five to six blows her pussy starts dripping. Cesena thought of herself as sadists more than a masochist, but she hated the fact that she was enjoying this. After 10 or 20 blows. Cesena lost count, she started to cry” she asks him to stop”. Drake was displeased there were very few redness and he felt she hadn’t truly learnt her lesson.”Count to 30″

1. The blows stuck her left cheek 2. Then the right cheek 10. The ass was turning red 20. The ass was crimson 30. The ass was purple. Cesena was sobbing and her voice sounds pained ever time she calls out the number. He went and sat her down in bed. He kissed her and she back. Their tongues caressing eachother. They fell into the bed and undressed. He rimmed her in doing it doggy style, enjoying the view of her beautiful ass, which is even more so because of him. As they breed he grabbed and squeezed her as letting out an ouch from her. “Not too hard”.”ok”. Eventually they both reach orgasm and lay in bed holding eachother.

“I have some new rules to our contract”. “Yes sir”. “From now there’s no masterbating, if I catch you doing it you will be punished”. She looks down “yes sir”. Indeed Cesena tried really hard for a few weeks but one moment she saw this girl with huge tits and couldn’t help herself. Drake soon found out. “Cesena I know what you did”. “F*** please no”. “I decided that you meet need some relief so why don’t you strip”. “Really?? Ok”.Cesena strips down and spreads her legs so he has easy access to her. Her pussy has lushes lips beautiful thick and fat.”tell me when you’re about to reach orgasm” he says as he starts stroking her pussy. Cassian was moaning and enjoying herself and feeling very happy she got away scotch free. She could feel her climax coming and told him “I’m about to cum”. Suddenly Drake stops simulating her. “What are you doing!”. Cesena seems outraged. “Delivering your punishment, since you seek pleasure without me clearly you don’t deserve to orgasm”.”oh please let me cum, I need it bad please”. “How badly do you want it?”.” Come on just do it already please”. Drake takes one quick look at her pussy and starts to slap it. “This dirty disobedient pussy, this filthy pussy doesn’t deserve pleasure only pain” he scolds as he slaps it over and over again. With each slap the hands hits her lips causing it to reddened. Cesena driven to the point of orgasm moans loudly.” Remember I own this pussy it belongs to me not to anybody else” he says. He continuously slaps it until it’s bright red and Cesena finally climaxes. Drake then leaves the room.

Cesena now learning her lessons doesn’t do anything sexual with women or even masterbate to them. She relays on Drake to prefill her ever need, each and every night. eventually she stops desiring women all together and only has desire for Drake

One day Drake decided to go in public with Cassian holding eachother hands. A woman walks past 10/10 and Cesena takes one glance and looks away. Drake was surprised”you didn’t even look at her?”. “The old me would’ve wanted to, but now I have someone I love”.”me too” responded Drake as they walk into the sunset.

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