Emotionally alone


I live with my partner of many years but lately I have been feeling so lonely. I say things to him about how i am feeling emotionally or physically and most of the time he just doesn’t respond. There are so many thoughts in my mind and I have nowhere to share them. I had to finally Google a place to vent out.

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3 thoughts on “Emotionally alone

  1. Anonymous

    My wife does that to me sometimes. I just dont know how to respond. it’s not like i dont care but i cant figure out what is the best way to respond. Too many approaches that could offend her…. so i stay quite unless she asks for an opinion. yet, that still makes her cry. So there is no right answer except be honest and hint to your partner at a path forward.

  2. Anonymous

    One thing everyone will say is don’t worry you have this or that person and don’t feel lonely, but the truth is you might be even with 100 people around you. Venting is definitely a way you can feel better but also try to sit with your partner and tell him bit by bit about your thoughts. They might take time to understand but it will eventually help you. And this might not help but you won’t be lonely as long as someone is there to listen and the readers on here are listening to you 🙂


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