“eternal states of mind”

[Ezekiel 25:17](https://biblehub.com/ezekiel/25-17.htm) ([voiced by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction](https://music.yandex.ru/album/91212/track/792478)).
“*And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee.*”

By following all the admonitions of the Gospels, one literally courted the great masculine Father deity so that he literally possessed the Christian. From this (receiving the Holy Spirit, as they put it euphemistically) they got various powers: healing, prophecy, ability to discern, and were made Righteous, which I experienced as a thirst for Truth and Justice and doing the right thing. “Gifts of the Spirit,” yes, but those who were possessed were also the “First fruits of the harvest,” which meant that they gained something permanent; this would correspond with my being back in Rome; i.e., escaping the thrall of time (supra); being released from the bondage of time, which is a thrall producing death

In every *network* there are groups and forces towards the preservation of a form, and forces towards the destruction and mutation of it (2021-06-23). (There is a paradoxical monodualism, for perfection often depends on mutation.)

Bible is notoriously obnoxious when it comes to denying the alternative practices, be it magick or queer sexuality.
One interpretation is that most magick is simply subpar to deification, it is often concerned with ritual slavery, rather than boldly joining the Godhead. Magick as the “lazy servant” of Matthew 25:26.
But there is also the point of a cellular conformity to a form. In a body, most cells would either stick to their normalcy, loosing much of their “feral” capacity to adapt, or would become a cancer, a total failure of ((wilde: the whole)) ((euterpe: adaptation)) ((kuros: the organism to maintain its unity)). There might be a similar tendency in a *network* of spirits, or Godhead, to fall short on either side of the diversity balance. The [spurious normativity](https://youtu.be/6dvcYx9hcbE) emerges, like that of “*following all the admonitions of the Gospels*”.
Some authors posit that cells in a tissue are united via (biophoton) coherence. A cancerous tissue plays to a different tune. This simplification of a personal cell into a communal song is tantamaunt to “*being released from the bondage of time*”. One goes into “eternity” by being the “body” or the virus, even though the body needs the viruses to evolve.

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