expanding the first exercise


⚘ It’s now and then mentioned that among the therapeuric modalities embedded in Anonymous Alcoholics the spiritual one is amongst the most effective. As On_the_Heavenly_Hierarchy hints, there might be something special about the external help. It is a well known phenomena that both the problem and the practical solution are oft more visible from the outside. Imagine you (or evolution) are designing a distributed system. In order for it to have a chance, the win-win scenario needs to have an advantage (for otherwise the system would never converge past the wars of inner conflict). Psychology of a unit might thus be biased (2022-01-31) towards the network solutions, with spiritual – being a stepping stone for going past the immediate, accessing some wider and older networks.
Indeed, our own experience suggests that, as a character bound by a particular narrative (or Predictive Processing heuristics), we are quite firmly confined to a box, and there are situations where only a crying out to spirits helps as an escape hatch from the Oedipus-like prophecy loops. In that sense, the external has the “admin” rights in respect to the internal.
We have long wondered of why so many of the human populace would surrender their freedoms by delegating the central issues of mental health or meaning to doctors and priests, and our experiments in self-hypnosis were in some regards concerned with proving such help unnecessary. Come to think of it, the doctors has been filling the vacuum left by the urban disconnection from divine. Specialization of the left hemisphere has added momentum to a cyclic crisis, where in search for the phantom limb people would clump together by means of ideology and mass hypnosis.
To paraphrase James Tripp, one should act where his power lies, and much of our power might be still buried in the spiritual, and delegating the changework to the agents accessible to our consciousness.

⚘ Said delegation can be used with “first exercise”. An option embedded in our language would be to address the specific spirits of things we know of. “Hands, type the words.” (cf. [I Am Jack’s Smirking Revenge](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=I%20am%20Jack%27s)) But it pays also to ask “spirits, type the words,” – for it includes and engages also the new and invisible spirits. Similarly to John Cage’s “chance operations” it is an effort “*to expand the relevant team boundary and to make it more permeatable*” (Acts 17:22-23).

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