Feels good ! Feels good!!


feels good ! feels good!!
– Just a thought, that I am not writting this for myself….feels good!
– Just a thought, that I am confident yet worried….means a lot!
– Just a thought, that there is someone to write it for….says it all!
– Was down….was upset…..
– I was confident that i had found my way of balancing things, how to equally prioritise things in my life.
– And was upset thinking that it had failed me or was not enough.
– It Always felt like being a coward…….and running away when I was not doing things that were good enough in the eyes of people. Of not trying hard enough to succeed to get all the validation i want…..but no!!!its not about being brave or fighting it out….its about understanding what i want.
– I have started to write this up to tell you what I want….
– I never want to be alone.
– I want to start a life—-on our terms- it might be difficult – i (my system of balancing priorities) might fall short- but i will only give me a opportunity to strengthen it; to rebuilt it; rather than to completely discard it…..for it was where I found myself.
– I want to start a new life where there will be you and me…….there might be rents to pay, time to find, things to do, but there will always be me and you.
– It will make us grow Pooja and now its the time. Who knows it might be the last of the 7 janams we have with each other…?
– We are young; lets explore and explore responsibly.
– Nature will take whatever it wants from us…so lets give it our best and plan together.
– I am so pleased to have you in my life …..love you and good morning.

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