do i make you frustrated?” its a completely different feeling when you go from texting to actually being in person. i’d thought you were cute before, but now looking at you in front of me i realize you are much, much cuter. the way you sit next to me, hands in your lap, looking silently down at the plate in front of you in this crowded restaurant, pretending like im not watching you right now? pretending like my hand isnt on your knee, like i didnt just make you blush so hard that you can’t even bear to look at the waiter as he asks you if you want a refill? yeah, that’s cute as fuck. “no, we’re okay!” i tell the waiter on ur behalf, and as he walks away you let out a deep breath. You turn to me, biting your lip, looking down at mine before quickly looking up at my eyes “take your hands out of your lap.” i demand. You shake your head, your eyes darting around us. “take your hands out of your lap.” i repeat. i lean in close to your face, feeling the tension spike between us. my heartbeat skips, but it only encourages me. “now.” i say, and quickly your hands move above the table. i smile, feeling your breath hitch as i move even closer. our lips almost touch. i look up, seeing the red in your cheeks and the lust in your eyes. you want me so badly. to kiss you. to touch you. to fuck you. don’t you? why else would my face being this close to yours make you so flustered? its funny. ive texted you so many times about all the things ill do to you, and seeing you in front of me, my hand slipping farther up your leg now, i can almost taste the reality of it. youre on the cusp. your lips part, your body starts to lean into me, like i have a magnetic pull the more i touch you the stronger the lust is in your eyes. i begin to rub slowly up and down your thigh and you grab my arm with your hand, your breath picking up, your eyes darting around again, only to meet mine. You can feel how much i want you too. can you make it? will you break? “take your hand away.” i whisper against your lips. a chill runs up you and so it begins. you’re cracking. you bite your lip again, “please…” you say. “take your hand away.” i repeat. “do you want this?” “yes…” you say, closing your eyes. i’d messaged you before we met, saying i bet you couldn’t make it through dinner before begging me to fuck you. you talked a big talk about how i’d be the one begging you, but i knew i’d win. your hand moves again and your legs open up a bit. i slide my hand up to the top of ur thigh and squeeze. your legs twitch and i kiss you. ur lips feel so soft. god i can’t wait to have a full taste of all of you. just as quick as it began it ends. i completely back away from you, pretending like nothing happened. i take a sip from my water, setting it down and clearing my throat. i look over at you and see your cute ass little grumpy face. “why’d you stop?” You ask me. i cant help but chuckle. “if i kept going i’d end up fucking you on this table.” i say your eyes widen and once again your blush deepens.”i know,” i say. “we’d be right here,” i gesture, “my hands would be here, yours here, and i’d be on top of you, and all you’d be able to hear is our moans. god, we’d drown out this whole restaurant.” you shuffle in your seat. “and i’d make you feel so good. seeing you in front of me, i know you look so fucking good when you cum, i bet it’s fucking addictive. i don’t think i’ll be able to stop wanting to see that face. over and over again, as many times as you ca-” “hi! just checking in to make sure everythings great here! anything i can get you both?” the waiter suddenly appears. “answer him,” i whisper to you and you clear your throat, a hoarse “no…” coming out. he looks us over for a moment, an amused smile on his face before nodding “okay well let me know if there’s anything i can do!” he says and once again walks away. “fuck!” you curse under your breath and i laugh. “yeah, i wanna hear you say that over and over again too. do you swear before you cum?” i ask you. You shove me, mumbling a grumpy “shut up” “you should’ve asked him for the ticket,” i say. “why?” “so we could go to the car.” “….why?” “so i could feel you moan against my lips.” “….” “fuck, you’re so cute…” “h-hey…” “fuck. just looking at you is making my mind race…” “s-shut up…” “say it.” “say what?” “say what you’ve been thinking this entire time. go ahead and lose to me. i’ll reward you for it, trust me.” “i’m not saying it!” “better lower your voice, don’t want anyone to know how frustrated i’m making you.” “i-i’m not! i j-just…” “just what, baby?” my hand is gently rubbing you over the soft fabric of your pants now. your hips begin to move against me and you look at me. i can see your eyes pleading. the need. the want. the lust. fuck, it’s hot. you’re so fucking needy now. You can’t even answer me. Your lips part and i desperately crave to slip something between them. instead, i stop again, taking another sip of water. “hey!!! stop!” you whine. “i just did.” i say. “n-no! stop stopping!!” “why?” i ask. your legs shut and you groan, placing your face in your hands. “becauseineedyouto…” “need me to what?” You groan again, before looking at me one last time. i can feel it. you’ve cracked. and so easily, too. it feels like i’ve already heard you say it before it even comes out of your mouth. “fuck me.” You say. its music to my ears. a huge smile covers my face i win.” i say and you shove me again. “fuck you!” “no, but i’ll be fucking you.” i say. i catch the waiter’s gaze and wave him over. “can we have our ticket please?” i ask. he brings it to us and as soon as we’ve paid we head to the car. seconds pass before my lips are on yours. you taste so good… fuck, your tongue is so soft. mm, i can’t wait to feel it on me. even just feeling my hand wrapped around your neck is perfection. all the things i’ve been craving to do to you are about to become reality. i can’t fucking wait.

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