fuck the rich


Tax them I say. Or off with their heads. The French revolution worked for a reason. After all. Well, at least it got us half-way there. It was like the European Arab Spring. … it gave rise to the democratic freedoms many of us enjoy. Geeze I guess I just don’t get it —how is it that certain few (or many) very rich people (and don’t worry, I don’t mean you sad folks on your computers late at night making less than a billion dollars a year… I actually just mean the 70 or so people in the world who actually influence politics and have some emoticon of power)… how is it possible that you, the 1/10th of 1 percent, does not seem to realize that your days are numbered, literally — if for no other reason than here are SO MANY more of us than there are of you — literally billions more — on the planet — and, that one day, if we continue to organize (as we are doing now, obviously) increasing awareness of your injustices against us and have any ability to Google your names and home addresses — and as long as Neoliberalism keeps careening onto its death-spiral course it’s set upon — how is it NOT possible for you on the Forbes list of billionaires (those of you with at least an average level of intelligence) to see the reality — that you, your children and if nothing else your grandchildren will pay the ultimate price.

Is money, and/or the desire for material, illusory power so blinding?
Is your embarrassingly public dependence on money for sex and lack of true love relationships so dehabilitating?

How does it make you feel to realise that such a thing for you is almost completely and utterly impossible. (I say “almost” because yes, even for you, a kind of spiritual quest is possible.)

My main question: Is it worth it to be the top tenth of the one percent? And how are you not afraid of such gross inequalities being present in the world having some effect on you and on the planet. Please enlighten me.

And Please… be someone… anyone… who is ACTUALLY rich (like over 1 billion US dollars or Euros in yearly income or AT LEAST in assets?).. NOT a wannabe and please don’t have dementia. Give me some kind of answer. (By the way, I’m not looking for answers from you pseudo-rich who make 75 to 500 thousand a year and take pride in your timeshare or your SUV that you pay a huge loan on, or your parents’ big house in some cheap-ass state like Wyoming or whatever) and PLEASE one of you, just one, ONE PERSON!… who has something semi-intelligent to say.. n answer to this question. Maybe you can give me —and even a few other billion people on the planet —hope. In this so-called “capitalist” system which is so obviously not capitalist at all.. seeing as big corporations like Walmart and Amazon have a monopoly. Just say something smart. Please. Prove me wrong. At least partly wrong. In some small way. I would love that.

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