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Going to college / university is a great experience. It is a great place to study your passion, meet new people, try new things and gain that all important independence. It is a unique experience, and one that you should not take for granted. Before college, you work hard at school, live at home, follow parents rules and look forward to leaving the house. So going to college and getting the (possible) first experience alone can be liberating and overwhelming.

When you get to college, things can go two ways. One – you leave everything behind, like ethics, morals, and all else and do whatever you want. You don’t go to class, you don’t care about the people there, or what they think and you go our partying all the time, getting drunk. You may pass some classes but in the end you don’t want to be there and possibly drop out. Life can get though after that, and going back to college later is more difficult and can be a headache. If you have a passion follow it, work at it and get a job in it.

The second way is that you know yourself. You know what you can and can’t do. You know your limits. So you work hard and do your best in college, be good to people and also party hard when the time comes. You have a balance and know what works for you. You can have it all. Getting your degree and working at your side hustle, earning extra. Enjoy the experience and make the most of it. Life gets tough after college and you are expected to grow up. No one (family) bothers you in college. Take things easy and follow your own time scale as it feels right. You don’t need to get married at this age or be a billionaire at that age. Chill and figure it out.

College can also be expensive and there are costs involved. Everything costs and college / university textbooks can be really expensive. You have so many courses each semester and some of them require textbooks. When you look at the prices, you think, what the heck, these are so expensive. It can all add up in the end. Buying them second hand online can be cheaper but still, it’s an expense.

Where to get free college books online?

PDF Drive: –

Z-Library: –

These are great for free books, course books, textbooks and any other book that you want. They also have books like Atomic habits, available for free download. You’re welcome.

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