Getting over my thoughts


I have graduated high school in 2020 being an Indian I have no other choice but to attend college and suffering from ADHD does not make my choice easy. So until now, I have changed 3 courses in just 1 year and I’m still confused about whether what I’m doing is the right thing or not. Also having depression and anxiety does not help, I have technically missed all my classes and am not even interested in giving my final exams I can’t tell my family anything because they spent way too much money on me and it’s not like they are rich. In end, I just want a normal life in which I live in a small town and have a small coffee shop. But if I drop out of college one more time they will be the heart is broken and I can’t live with a guilt. So it’s like I’m surviving each day just to get over the day with no future. And if I tell them that I thing I’m suffering from depression so they will say it’s just college stress. Everyday i feel like I’m
trapped and there days like I feel like let’s get over with and dug your own grave I have this frustration anger sadness no one can help me now.

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