giving up


So in my life I had a lot of friends but the problem is everyone are leaving me. So I had these besties like for 12yrs and then 7yrs but then I got new friends and they don’t like each other and then at the end all of them left me . I don’t like someone being alone so i have always introduced my friends the lonely people and in end they become close and i be the fool . My bestie these days don’t even share me anything in fact she sometimes forgets that I exist on the other hand there is this guy who flirts sometimes and calls me sister sometimes WTH should I do with him and he is a year younger to me shit! Next!! The last two years I had online school for literally 2 yrs and u guys would know how online exams “work”, now I am in final year of high school but I cannot concentrate!! my parents keeps on telling me this is your future blabla shit Ik! but I am in my teens … its so damn frustrating the comparisons left out feeling getting played by oof .

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