God Hates Me


I never asked to be God’s warrior and I hope that he never makes me uncomfortable by presenting himself to me. He is the target of my hate. I do not ever want to be used as a figure to fight any of God’s fucking battles. His values are worthless. His symbols are worthless.

I believe that the Devil is better than God. He offers his followers so much more freedom. I am not a Devil worshipper but I see that the ones living in sin are living much better lives than me.

I wish I never took interest in anything that wasn’t gonna get me sex and money.

I hate you God. I will never be free. I am stalked by people I don’t wanna be stalked by every day of my fucking life. They all work for you and your overbearing, assertive, self-righteous objective.

Rich people and connected people own the world. Fuck you, God.

The world is gonna party when I die.

God supports sexism, racism, classism, invasion of privacy, intimidation, hate, negativity, ugly behavior, ageism, ableism, nationalism, colorism…if it is about being bad and keeping me down he supports it.

We don’t need the Devil anymore God is doing his job.

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