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Virtual viewings where once just a nice add-on when it came to searching for property, but now that COVID-19 has put a restraint on in-person viewings, virtual viewings have become more and more normal. People are now viewing houses in a different way, through 3D walk about video tours.

This is a great way to let many people view your home from theirs. Buyers can sit of their sofa and get a good understanding of your home and the layout. The 3D video tour will miss details and cannot replace an actual viewing but it can help buyers make a choice about visiting. Buyers can also view as many properties as they like from the comfort of their own home. Virtual viewings are an important part of property searches in this day and age, and it can really help buyers make important choices, so we recommend having a virtual viewing. During COVID-19 we may have even got into the habit of viewing a property virtually before we make a decision to visit in-person, so it may be worth having a virtual video as a little something more, that can help with the sale of your property.

Creating virtual viewings can be done on a budget and using your smartphones. There are apps out there to help and using some post video editors can produce a smooth virtual video. The agent can then use this video and send it out to as many potential buyers as needed.

But, you do have to remember that there is nothing like viewing a home in person, you cannot get the feel of the home and neighbourhood in a virtual tour. Viewing in person will also reveal the things missed in the virtual tour, and you can actually get to see and experience the home to know if it right for you. You will also get to see the natural lighting and how much of it there is, and the infrastructure like leakages and structural damage.

If you want to conduct a virtual viewing here are some tips:

Clean up – make sure your home is presentable. Clean it up and try to make sure it is spotless.

Make sure every rooms are lit well.

Be mindful of how you record your viewing. Make sure there is no noise and you are getting the best angles.

Timing and script. Consider how long it will take to show each room. Think about the key features and try a few practise walk-throughs.

Plan your route. Know your own house better than anyone. Share the history of your home and point out previous functions rooms have had in the past. An upstairs bedroom may have been a nursery many years ago, or a new bathroom may have been recently installed. Since these things cannot be seen from a video, potential buyers will want to know more about how your home has evolved.

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