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There are blogs out there that allow user generated content, and sometimes users start to spam. There are so many ways to stop spam comments with plugins like Akismet and many others. These are very effective at stopping spam comments. When it comes to user generated blog content spam, there are no plugins out there to stop spam, nor much help or information on the subject. There are plugins that say they can stop user generated spam blog content, plugins like Cleantalk and Jetpack. I have tried Cleantalk but it does not stop spam blog posts. Jetpack costs and I have not tried it yet – but I am not hopeful by looking at the description.

There are plugins with anti-spam built into their forms like Wpforms, but these plugins costs. These form builders don’t have everything you need, and you have to pay to access the full version. You have to use other plugins as well to get a desired outcome. The downfall of these plugins is that they do not offer features like minimum characters for posts, or stopping links being added to posts. There are plugins just for allowing users generated content that offer everything you could almost need to allow user generated content, but these plugins have one thing missing – an antispam feature that automatically stops spam blog posts. They have Captcha and a few other options, but nothing like Akismet for comments – something that would automatically stop spam content. If we only we had something like Akistment for stopping spam blog posts – it would make life easeir. Moderating loads of blog posts is time consuming.

I have contacted so many plugins, hosting providers and even asked forums, and they have all told me that you should manually approve posts as nothing exists out there to stop spam blog posts automatically. I have searched and searched all over the internet and nothing really exists – I hope someone makes a plugin to stop spam blog posts – something like Aksimet. There used to a plugin to called Mollum that stopped spam blog posts, but they stopped operating a few years ago.

I look forward to finding a plugin that stops spam blog posts somewhere, hopefully soon and then I will drop it here – in the comments section, as I can’t edit posts here. There are far to o many plugins for stopping spam comments out there.

If anyone knows of any plugins to stop spam blog posts, please drop a comment to let us know.

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