i don’t know what to do


so i had a crush on this boy in school but we didn’t talk much back then and shortly after i started liking someone else. after 2 years we met again in college but my crush was probably long gone on him idk. i didn’t really have any of that kind of feelings we just became genuine friends in college but after knowing him i think i fall harder for him. so now the problem is somehow a rumor started with a classmate of ours with him. and she developed feelings for him too after some time he probably knows that too though he denies it all the time when i ask anyway i don’t know what’s in his mind if he likes her not or anyone else but i just got super jealous by those two”s interactions and i think i am getting out of my character or something , i can’t concentrate on anything properly ,i get anxious by the thought of him leaving me too
what should i do ? should i just confess because these feelings i can’t handle/suppress these anymore like this..but i dont really know if i am even ready for a relationship or not …like i don’t know for what should i even say it for
all i want the very most is at least stay good friends him staying by my side and him caring for me as he does for friends…its just so much confusing do i really like him that way or am I just anxious about being left alone am I jealous just as a close friend? there is my carrier too on which I want to concentrate too but it’s just becoming too overwhelming with all these
I am an introvert and my social skills already suck so much I am bad at giving compliments too I don’t know when I am crossing someone’s boundary…I don’t know how to even over or at least show interest ….ahh I am just so exhausted with all these bottled up….this has never happened before…pls give me some advice if you can

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1 thought on “i don’t know what to do

  1. Chris

    Hi there,
    I completely understand your situation. Let me tell you that what happened with you happened with me too. What matters is how we deal with it. You and I both know that when we fall for someone, it’s unbearable and the actions of our crush affect our moods constantly…suppressing our feelings also make us feel like shit…let’s deal with it then….let’s get our facts straight….1. You like him
    2. You want to be with him
    3. Life is short
    4. If you don’t do anything someone else will
    5. When that will happen, you will be devastated
    6. So the best solution is to confess
    7. Now I know you are an introvert…and it’s so difficult…like so much so..but if u want it you have to go for it.
    8. But u must also be worried about what will happen
    9.if he will say he doesn’t like you…heartbreak…but u will get over it sooner then you imagine
    10. If he likes u..then girl congratulations
    11. Worst case scenario..u don’t confess…u will be in agony longer then u have known him…if he got in a relationship with someone else..that will hurt too..a lot
    12. So go confess…if u know him..and if he’s a good person…he won’t make fun of you or be mean towards u whatsoever
    Best of luck


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