I don’t know which programming language to choose


As a hobby, I want to become a programmer. I want to be able to develop mobile applications, or the backend/server side of apps, and have something more to fill my time with. I don’t know which programming language will be easier to learn. I like iOS, Web and Android, but want to spend time mastering one language.

There used to be Java for Android, and now they have Kotlin. iOS had Objective-C, and now they have Swift. I don’t know which is easier to learn, Kotlin or Swift? There are other programming languages out there like PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, Flutter, C, C#, C++, .NET, SQL and more. These are for developing backends, websites and for other platforms. By far Java is the worlds most popular programming language, followed by SQL (sequel), Javascript, C++ and python.

I have some experience with HTML, CSS, Java and Objective C. I knew the basics of programming, and some basic concepts. I’m leaning towards Swift, but I’m thinking, “What if that language has a shelf life? Why not learn a language that may always be needed, like Java or even Python?”.

I have search the internet, and they say learn the language that you will use, or the one you have a passion for. I guess I just have to pick one and stick with it. I will try and make some time in my schedule, where I am spending at least 30mins-1 hour a day learning the language. I will keep going, until I feel I can actually develop something, and develop it well.

Wish me Luck!

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