I had a weird dream that needs an explanation


So, in the dream, I was at the movies with my parents and suddenly my ex shows up next to me. Fast forward a few hours, I randomly end up at his house(I’ve never been to his house so my mind made up something weird). We were talking and one thing led to another and I accidentally kissed him. I woke up after that. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “I had a weird dream that needs an explanation

  1. Maddy

    The more you think the more it gets struck in your brain. Some times dreams may represent the past memory. The past memory stored in your brain gets stimulated by the appearance of your ex, which manifests in the form of dreams. Just like sometimes I still dream about my crush 10 years ago whose appearance I forgot.

    There is nothing weird about it. Don’t think too much.


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