I had sex with a high school girl.


I had sex with a high school girl a couple nights ago. She’s 18, so she’s legal, but I’m 40. So it was crazy. And she turned 18 like a month ago.

She’s chubby, but cute. And so good in bed. She sucked me so good. I came in her pussy. Not a problem, since I had a vasectomy. Her pussy was a little loose but felt good. Cumming in her felt so good. I fucking rammed her. She said she came 3 times. She wanted me to fuck her in her ass and I tried, but my dick wouldn’t cooperate so I had to give up. I did for a little bit though.

She was really sweet. She’s been used. I was really nice to her and she loved it. Can’t wait to see her again.

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2 thoughts on “I had sex with a high school girl.

  1. Other teen girl

    You calling her used is fucked up and the fact that you even wanted to fuck a new adult is a bit questionable, poor thing, I hope she’s doing bettter now. No one in a good headspace at our age fucks old men ong

  2. Anonymous

    id like to do the same.
    as long as you treated her with respect and was consensual and didnt try to take advante of her, seems fine. you probably took more care of her and was more protective than any young immature guy.


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