I just watched an Anime and now I need to post my thoughts so I can stop thinking about it all the time.


Ive recently just finished watching the evangelion show + Eoe and rebuilds. I cant express how much this show has emotionally impacted me. I’ve seen aspects of myself in almost ever character, I have some parental issues of myself lol. Coming into this show only knowing about those memes I occasionally see about Evangelion, thinking it would just be a mech fighting happy adventure, I was shocked with the deeper themes explored, but it was a great experience. Originally when the show ended, I was extremely confused by episode 25 and 26. I was a bit zoned out and confused while watching the ending, so I rewatched the final 2 episodes and ended up crying at the end. I fell into a bit of a depression the next day, and I couldnt even pinpoint why I felt like that. I think it had to do with asuka’s ending seeming very sad, and not being able to see what happened with the other characters. After that I watched End of evangelion, which I didnt know took place after ep 24 or else I would have watched it earlier, I think the ending was great, I got some semblance of closure and after watching a youtube video on Eoe (literally called why Eoe is a happy ending) I realised is was quite a happy ending.

Then I watched the rebuilds and liked them as much as I liked the show. The show and Eoe was definitely more comprehensive in terms of going into the mindset of individual characters, but the rebuilds are still great, the theme of redemption/moving on and the scenes with ayanami learning to act normal in particular were very moving for me. Personally I subscribe to the theory of the story of every ending being cannon, because the world is in a loop, with 3.0 + 1 putting the loop to and end. It might not be the most sensible theory, I’ve seen other people who are adament that this theory is heavily implied
in certain scenes and others who think its bs, but it gives me the closure I need to stop thinking about this show every waking hour.

I watched all this in the span of 3 or 4 days, and im coming out of it with a very hopeful mindset. Just some venting I needed to get out there so I stop being so bummed out that its over now.

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