I need advice


Okay so, I have this guy friend who asked me to go out to eat with him after school last Friday. We were trying to figure out where to eat when he said “I’m just trying to go out with you but you can’t decide on where to eat”. When we met at the initial place, we got the menus and we sat down. We started to look at what they had and we both didn’t like what they served. So we wanted to leave, but I asked “What do we do with the menus”, and he said, “I got this, you can go to your car”. Then we both agreed and met up at another place to eat. When we were ordering, he paid for my food and he got me a drink which I didn’t ask for. I also catch him looking at me during the school day.

Now, he stopped texting me, usually, he texted me first but now it’s the other way. But, he still keeps looking at me.
But before the hang-out thing, we were doing a lab when I asked my other friend in the class about the theme for our prom (since she is on the prom committee). Then I asked him if he was planning on taking anyone to prom, and he said that he wanted to go to the other two high school’s proms with his friends but at our high school, he said he wanted a date.

So now I’m super confused about if he likes me or not. Can anyone give me their thoughts/advice?

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4 thoughts on “I need advice

  1. Anonymous

    He seems awkward and confused. Does he know you like him? Guys can be very oblivious. Maybe he just sees you as a friend.


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