I need an answer


I been seeing a particular persons past present and future in dream for over a 2 years. I dont even know that person as personally. How can this happen?

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2 thoughts on “I need an answer

  1. July

    It means you have rabbies. jk you dont but yes i wouldnt dwell too much on dreams. Focus on what you can see with your eyes not your mind. if you ever find that person thou dont get scared. approach and explain the reason for your approach. someway or another your supposed to meet that person… if he/she asks you to go alone with him/her thou assume is a murderer and run XD

  2. Anonymous

    maybe you’re connected in a way. They may have been involved with you indirectly in some way in the past, present and future. Or they may be a part of your life one day, maybe when you get to know them. With dreams don’t think on them too much. Let life be and try not to let dreams dictate them. There is some message in dreams but it is hard to decipher as it is mixed with other things like desires.


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