I want another guy


I’ve been in a relationship for years and i love him with all of my heart and dont want to hurt him. But lately theres been this other guy. My boyfriend has been going through something and it’s completely changed him. He isnt the same anymore. Im doing all i can to be supportive and be there for him but it never seems to be enough. Every time we’re together i try my best to have fun and make things good but he always reaches a point and crashes. Nothing makes him happy anymore not even me and i dont know what to do about it anymore. I dont want to leave him but he isnt himself and theres nothing i can do. Theres this other guy who makes me feel alive and sexy and good. I havent done anything with him and dont plan to but god do i want to. I want to kiss him and feel his lips on my and touch him everywhere and do everything to him. I want to have him so desperately and i know theres a part of him that wants me too. I dont want a relationship or anything i just want to be with him sexually. I cant stop thinking about it or imagining what it would be like. Id give anything to have him but i know that i cant. There are times i wish i could just do it with no consequences but i know that isnt possible. I wont ever let it get physical but everytime i talk with him i feel like if he came onto me id give in. I want him so fucking badly and i cant talk to anyone about it. Just for one day i wish i could give in. I wish i could go to him and just get what i want.

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