I’m ok alone, what’s the problem?


Am I the only one that feels this gigantic pressure to have a date, to be in a relationship and all those kinds of things? Why does it feel like people think less of me for being twenty and never being in a relationship, never presenting someone “special” to the family, for being a virgin? It’s like if you don’t follow those parterns, then something is wrong with you. I get that it is the most “normal” thing to happen, but why don’t people understand “normal” is no longer the standart! Maybe something is wrong with me and maybe I want to work on myself, know myself, love myself before I put myself out there for someone to see. Or maybe I’m just ok with being alone, why wouldn’t I? When you grow up learning to only count on yourself, it takes a very special person to make you realize that maybe sharing your life isn’t as unnecessary as it feels. But what if that person doesn’t always exists? Not everyone ends up happy in a relationship and honestly I think people need to accept that before saying the tipical line “you will find someone when the time is right”.

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