hey so basically my parents are psychopaths and they dont let me out of the house like at all unless i am with them 24/7, and they follow me everywhere, they use a lock to lock the front door of the house so i dont try leaving, i have stolen the key once and unlocked the door only to be dragged inside (like forcibly dragged inside the house by both of my parents), my parents were always strict but once i became a teenager they started behaving abnormally, i know that this isnt normal but i have tried everything, i have tried telling family members to help but they dont want to get involved with all of this they tell me (the family members) that i cant do anything since they are my parents and that they can control me, i dont know what to do because whenever i mention this to anyone they never take me seriously because tbh what kind of sick fuckers do this to their own kids… i have tried escaping multiple times only to be dragged inside the house and harassed and then they took out the wifi for 6-7 months and i was just locked up doing nothing in the house (i wasnt allowed to leave and all i would do in the house was eat and sleep and wake up and use the bathroom) i dont go to school or have friends and my family members dont really want to get involved with us im really helpless but im turning 18 soon but im worried that me being 18 might not change anything since im 17 and im still locked in the house and that 18 is just another number and it wont change anything

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