Is that really love ?


I realize this is a hypocritical rant…
pointing out… that one of a persons flaws is
that they talk too much about other peoples flaws.

but a person can only take so much
before they have to push back…

Speaking bad things about other people…

People should spend more time thinking, and less time talking.
Then even if they are not actually better for it,
they would at least seem better for not talking ill of about other people so often.

As one who is usually the one being talked about,
I am glad that so many of my faults are so readily visible,
for you to see.

But more so that yours are not,
because I doubt you could stand people
talking about your faults the way you
so openly talk about theirs.

Just remember a persons life has only been completely lived by them,
and only they know all the reasons they are who they are, faults and ALL…

If you disagree so much with someones life,
then you don’t have to stay around,
the world is a big place.

I’m sure you could find enough space far enough away…

Why stick around just to talk ill of people you CLAIM to love…

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