It is so hard to make money


It has been so hard for me to make some money in the world of business. I have tried so many things, and nothing seems to work for me at the moment. I have started numerous projects over the years, and I am still waiting for my break. Will it ever come?

When it comes to making money, they say that you can make money by following you passion or through your skills. For passion, you stick to something you love and naturally over time you will succeed and achieve. Like dreaming of becoming a doctor, lawyer, dentist, barrister, etc. When it comes to selling your talents, you have to really be good at what you do and stick with it. People will see your work and hire, or share your work with others, helping you to go viral.

When I was younger, I really did not know what to do. I had no passion, no idea of what I wanted to do or become, or anything in general. I spent years chasing money, and lost so much time (also due to immaturity). I did not really care about anything, and though that money could get rid of all my problems. Money chases you when you love what you do. I learnt this late in life. In life man is lost without a purpose that is fulfilling. Find one, find anything.

You need to know what you want to do, and head in that direction, if you get lost like I did, you’re fighting demons, depression and can spiral into some really dark places. My advice to anyone looking for it, would be to find a passion or talent and stick with it. By all means try other things on the side, but have a main path. I kept switching from one thing to the other, how could I expect to find any success? I should have found one thing I enjoyed and stuck with it. I am trying to do that now, but time is not on my side anymore!

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