just a fragment from my novel i rlly like


****The BIA is something similar to the CIA but British and in the future.

SubBIA’s Hastings Office was right next to one of Britania’s busiest subway stations. There was no better place for an attack than that place, where up to 5,000 people could easily die, if not more.
“Well, according to the threat it will happen here. We must find the bomb before something happens,” Irène said.
“Don’t we have more clues?” Noir said.
“Unfortunately, no. In the reports they did put more things but the BIA system is still down, we’ll have to do what we can.” Irène sighed. “We’ll check the subway station first, it’s the most logical thing, isn’t it?”
Noir nodded and placed two grenades in her pocket -just in case- as she followed Irène, who had taken the gun out of her pocket.
“Be careful.”
They both entered that subway station. It was dirty, it smelled awful, and it was crowded, as usual. Still, there was something wrong. Something that made it something unusual, something…dangerous.
“Hey, Irène…” Noir whispered. “Isn’t that the husband of that girl who died the other day and blamed it on us?”
Suddenly, everything was blurry, the only thing Noir could see was the bullet that had hit Irène in the head, the bullet that had caused blood to splatter on her, and now her face was smeared with blood. Noir could hear the terrified screams of the civilians, but she was paralyzed. She couldn’t move. Those gray walls were getting redder. More and more bodies were falling to the ground, that station was turning faster and faster into a red sea of ​​blood. More and more blame was falling on Noir’s shoulders.
But, when no more shouting was heard, when there were hardly any people standing, she heard footsteps echoing in the station. They got closer and closer to Noir, until, finally, they caught up with her.
“Noir Dankworth,” he said. “Or should I say, Mary Crawnford?”
Noir froze when she heard that name. It had been too long since she heard it.
“Do you think the BIA will help you?”
“E…erm, honestly, n…no,” she replied as she trembled.
“You need salvation, you know that, right?”
Noir hugged her knees, which stained her pants with blood; and a tear fell down her right cheek.

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