Just feel like giving up


So my fiance and I have been just at each other’s throats for the last couple of months, I really don’t know why either, because all we do is work and sleep for the end goal to having our house completely paid off in under 5 years. I love him with every ounce of my body from the very first day I met him back in 2009, all I want is the best for him, and I’m starting to see that isn’t with me anymore, our sex is really the one thing we do get right but the other 22hrs is us sleeping working gym or something keeping us occupied. I think maybe or no I know I’m being selfish and just not letting him go do whatever he wants to do and make himself happy without me, I just worry what is going to happen to him once we do end things between us for good, and where does that leave me as well because I’m lost without him and could careless about life when he isn’t near me who knows what the fuck is going to happen. Just hope for the worst but pray for the best and whatever happens happens.. it is what it is I guess you could say

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