Lack of modesty


My mom and I moved in with Ricky 8 years ago and its obvious they love each other. Thankfully Ricky is away on business 3 sometimes as many as 5 days during the week. The problem is that Ricky has no sense of modesty when around the house. I don’t mind much that he is in his underwear often but many times he has an open robe with nothing else on. My mother has scolded him several times about it but it has continued through the years. My best friend Hanna has seen him like this many times and just thinks its funny. I know he does this intentionally because many times he becomes aroused when I see him exposed. I gave up telling my mom about it since she seems not to be upset at all. He also sleeps naked and often goes in and out of the bathroom like that. He just acts like its nothing and only tells my mom he is careless sometimes. Problem is its more than just sometimes because I see him naked or at least see his genitals exposed a few times a week especially on weekends.

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4 thoughts on “Lack of modesty

  1. john

    i also agree moving out is the best option. it might save you some trauma and broken relationship with your mom.
    but also be careful where you go. youre still young and young people dont usually see all the dangers.

  2. john

    i wouldnt respond usually but this sounds dangerous.

    come people would consider this childhood abuse and can generate cptsd (e.g. pete walker in “cptsd:….”

    though by your displeasing sounds youre old enough to know its not ok.
    problem is, it could escalate.

    fortunately for you, assuming youre a woman, i think youll find lots of support if you look for it. not from your family though.
    being in a power triangle is bad, i wont expect your mom to change the situation.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that. Take it living with your dad isn’t an option? Fuck honestly if you’re old enough I’d save money through my job and try to rent a room off of somebody. Probably not the answer you were hoping for but it’s all I got unfortunately


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