Life and Death


I’ve always been afraid of losing people in life. losing
friends and family, and in fact i still am afraid of it to this
day. It’s my belief that to “overcome” this fear is not
something worth pursuing. to understand and to
acknowledge it is a choice we all should take. I’ve been
in this situation in the past and i’ve realized that,
despite the pain it may have caused, it needed to
happen. maybe for the universe at the time, in their life
and in mine, but it happened for a reason and I will
choose to trust it.When I love someone, it’s hard. It’s
hard for me to accept the fact that this individual can
suddenly be missing in my life. even though they were
just here with me, as a big part of my life. I would
always ask myself.. how can that be taken away
instantaneously? But like I mentioned in the previous
question, there will always be some good and some
bad in the balance of life, and I’ve learned to
appreciate it even when it’s buried so deep within the
sadness. I’ve lost a couple important people in my life
over the years, a cousin too young to even know what
death was, a grandfather that never got to see me
graduate, and a great grandfather that had been my
biggest role model. These were dreadful and
traumatizing occurrences, but the fact that I had the
ability to feel and love so profoundly is a decisively
beautiful thing to experience. All in all, I’ve learned to
embrace the virtue and significance of life and death,
and to be able to experience the bittersweetness of
simply existing is truly astonishing.

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