Life is difficult, smacks me around and gets to me!


Life is tough, being reckless and childish really made me miss so many opportunities. I am sitting here, edging closer to the last few months of my twenties, with no job and no real direction. I am still finding it difficult to find my passion.

I spend the last decade trying to figure out what I want to do and have not really found much success. I have been depressed, hit an all time low, really lost myself and still to this day looking for something to push me back into the swing of things (to help me find myself). I have spent most of the last decade with my troubles and found it difficult to look past them so – I feel I have missed so much. I rarely did travel here and there, but spent nearly all of the time by myself. For work I have been freelancing, but have not really found my passion in life just yet. My love life is none existent and going through all that I went through made me missed so many opportunities, no girl wants (or to marry) someone who has not got their sh*t together – and why should they. In life people do not care about what you go through or your process, they care about the results. I guess going through such difficulty is helping me become a more mature person, and making me stronger, but I still feel I need a little help getting back to myself.

In all my life and especially when I was younger could I have ever imagined I would go through such difficulty. I had a plan that life would go one way this but God planned it to go another. It was easy to talk when everything was good, but now things are difficult it is hard to talk at all. They say God has a plan for everyone and that God does not burden a soul beyond more that it can carry. I have reached my limit a long time ago and don’t want to be stuck in this situation anymore. I pray that we all find out path, passion and purpose, and that God keeps us all happy.

I wish all of you the best with everything. Pray for a lost soul!!

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One thought on “Life is difficult, smacks me around and gets to me!

  1. Anonymous

    There is no god, friend. You should learn to live without relying on a imaginary friend to help you. Good luck to you.


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