Life is too short


Life is too short to be angry and miserable, because life will keep passing by no matter how you feel or what you’re going through. I have been angry for so long at my situation, and my mind has been so cloudy that I am always lost in my misery and bad thoughts. Years have passed by and I am in shock at all the opportunities and good times that I have missed because of being miserable (F*cking childish is how I now see it).

I was riding the bus today to work and it was beautiful sunny day. Somehow, I managed to just calm my mind and stare out of the window, to notice the beautiful day and how everything looked so nice in the sun. Everything was calm and moving along as it should be and it was just my negative, miserable thoughts that stopped me from seeing the beauty of each day.

I have heard someone say to me, “life is what you make it”. You have to make yourself happy and block the negativity. You have to build your confidence and make moves, sitting silently won’t get you what you want. Keep a clear head and enjoy everyday.

Life is too short for nothing but happiness. Lead by example and not opinion. Be nice. Dress nice. Be grateful. Take every opportunity that comes your way – an opportunity is like a biscuit dipped in tea. A little delay and it’s gone.

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