Well my first impression is life is like a game. A game for everyone. And I feel some people think love is the prize. Now of course love is great but what if it’s not the prize. What if it is the obstacle and once you overcome it that’s when you find the prize and that prize is finding yourself. Because if you don’t know and feel your own self what’s the point of love. Because the person you think loves you can be the one controlling you. Now I know that’s hard to believe but that’s what a broken relationship looks like. It’s like a chain on one side is pulling harder and doing it that way and the other side of the chain is supposed to and expected to follow along without being heard. It’s like a backup dancer to the main dancer has the spotlight and then the other dancer is like in the shadows and just follows. But why? Because they are afraid of losing that spot. Well in love you are afraid of losing the person you love but why? They are controlling you so why do you follow? Well I don’t really know but you do, so think really hard. Should I take a moment and stick up for myself? Yes. I know what I want, what I need and well, I am not a puppet. Because I have my bones and they are not attached to strings. So you can’t pull them around. No, they are for me, just me.

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