lonely one


so i hear the voices in my head say i need to kill myself and im the reason this is all happening. the corona virus is my fault. im not allowd out and i have to stay home. i cant believe i have these things said to me like its normal. anyway…. i truely think the devil is surrounding me and out to get me. whispers in the other person ear saying that im a liar and im suicidal and i hear watch out all the time but for no reason. so, now i hear im not good enough from someone who calls me her bestfriend. and im honestly sick of it. dont know what to do as its all in my head. so…. i choose to be alone and do drugs for the rest of my life. the end.

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2 thoughts on “lonely one

  1. Anonymous

    Reminds me of Eleanor Longden, https://youtu.be/syjEN3peCJw.

    (The self-destructive inclinations of humanity have likely a foothold in the collective unconscious, “need to kill myself and im the reason this is all happening” being a simplistic rendering of which.
    That is, the unconscious “signals” you’re hearing are likely non-specific, they’re not about you in particular, they’re but a wave. Just learn to tune your radio if you would.)


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