you ever just act happy around people because all you want is for them to be happy, but you constantly forget about yourself. I’ll find myself just laying down almost feeling emotionless and idk why I feel empty like there’s something to prove or do but I’ll never find it.

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One thought on “Lonely

  1. Ryan

    I sit here. In the toilet. I am a man who just recently had his heart broken. I can feel what ur saying and I understand you. It’s just I too do the same thing everyday. People sometimes asks me how I am doing and all I can say is fine or okay. I can’t say anything else. I feel like I don’t have the right to be sad. I don’t express my sadness. My pain. My grief. My loneliness. My heart ripping itself from the inside. I have no one. She was everything to me and now she is gone. I sit here alone. I love her so deeply. Even when she asks me how I am doing I can only smile and say I am doing good and that she should not worry and move on with her life. She shouldn’t feel guilty. She is a good human being who I love so much that I cannot bear to be a burden to her. All I could do was let her go. I am sorry for blabbering on about an irrelevant topic but I needed to express my sadness somewhere. The loneliness. Yea your not alone my friend. It’s okay though. Your gonna be fine. Hopefully I will too someday.


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