Make me


“make me” those two words had gotten her into a situation she couldn’t have anticipated. at first, they were just a joke, words she uttered with friends when they jokingly asked her to shut up or stop fooling around. but now, those words had been tainted for her whenever she said or heard the words “make me” her cheeks would grow hot and her legs would squeeze together. it was no longer a funny joke to her. now, her body had been trained to respond to those words. even when she herself said them, her whole body would heat up and she’d feel herself start to grow needy. she wanted to be dominated. and it was all because of him.
the first time she’d said those words to him, she expected the normal response. a laugh, a couple more jokes exchanged, and then they’d move on. honestly, she couldnt even remember what they had been talking about to make her say it. but she COULD remember him pressing her against the counter and placing his hands on either side of her, their faces close together. he looked at her, starting with her eyes, then slowly his gaze traveled down to her lips. she didnt know when, but at some point she had lost the ability to breathe. “what was that?” he asked, his eyes still trained on her lips. she struggled to speak, her entire body on fire. she didnt know what this feeling was, but suddenly he intimidated her….and she liked it. he smiled noticing her hesitation. “go ahead, repeat it.” he said, taunting her.

the air felt stiff and it felt like the whole world only existed between him and her. no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t think of something to say. and then he laughed. he looked her in the eyes and laughed at her. “cute,” he said, and backed away.

finally she could breathe again. cool air brushed her hot skin as he walked away. and that was only the first time. the next time she said it was an accident. she hadnt planned to, but out of habit it slipped out. she braced herself this time, inhaling quickly and closing her eyes, hoping he wouldnt notice. when she opened her eyes he was there, a mischievous expression on his face. “go ahead and say it again.” he teased, and this time he brushed his fingers against her own. instantly her mind went blank again. she felt like steam would shoot out of her ears any moment. what was this?? why was she so flustered by him? she turned away quickly, letting out the air she’d inhaled. ‘holy shit!’ she thought. and he laughed again. “you’re shy. it’s cute.” “n-no!” she interjected. but she couldn’t get anything else out. the next time was her breaking point. they’d been able to maintain a steady friendship, but their tension had been building to unbearable levels. she couldn’t even look him in the eyes without blushing. and now, she said those tainted words. “make me”. they sat on the couch, watching a movie together. but as the words left her mouth, the room fell silent. she’d been trying so hard not to say them, and here they went slipping out again against her will. before she could blink he was hovering over her. but something was different this time. his eyes felt hungry – like he wanted to devour her. his voice was soft, yet packed with meaning. “say it again.” he demanded. she opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was a whimper. “come on, say it.” he said, voice more firm now. “you’re going to make me ask you again?” he said. “fine. i’ll keep going until you say it again.” he leaned in even closer, their lips practically touching. her eyes closed on instinct and her lips parted. she figured it out. why her body was so hot. she wanted him.

“make me…” she whispered, the need to feel his lips and follow his instruction overpowering her inability to think. “good girl,” he said, and instantly his lips were on hers. they didnt get to second base that night, but she was okay with it. she decided she would never say those words again. until of course she did. it was the last time they saw each other before she would end up moving back home. she’d tried to forget the way he’d made her feel that day, but she couldn’t help the way her body felt when she was next to him. a deep urge overtook her and for the final time, she told him, “make me.” a devious look crossed his face and he pinned her down, kissing her lips and down her neck, her pretty moans filling the stuffy air with lust as she pulled her skirt up. “may i?” he asked and instantly she nodded, “fuck yes.” his hands traveled down her sides, his face nuzzling itself between her thighs. he nipped and sucked at them, taking in her body, feeling her completely for the first time. as nervous as she thought she’d be, she felt safe with him – and she wanted him. he pulled her panties down and began to taste her, slowly at first, but soon becoming lost in her, devouring her as he’d been craving for months now. he’d been waiting to feel her for so long. he was going to make her feel every bit of need he’d built up for her in one last night.

so now when she heard the words “make me”, she couldn’t help but think of him. she would give anything to say those words to him again. she still craved him – and to be guided and dominated by him.

all because of those two silly words.

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