Met Prince William selling Big Issue in London


I was on Rochester Row in Westminster today, and thought I saw someone I recognised in a red Big Issue uniform. I thought it was Prince William, had to look twice, but to my surprise it was, and he was with a homeless man, selling Big Issue magazines. It was very low-key. He was nice and friendly and took pictures with us all. He was dressed very casual with a red vest and cap for the big issue.

He was seen talking to people, taking pictures and being friendly. It is all over the news.

The Big Issue is a street magazine that gives the homeless people a chance to earn a real, legitimate income. Vendors (to become a vendor, you must be homeless, almost homeless, vulnerably housed or marginalised in some way) are given five free magazines, which are then sold to the public for £3. Any extra copies can be bought for £1.50, to resell at £3.

What a day – did not expect to bump into him.

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