My sad story


I have a really big problem.i have people around me judging me too hard.i just think everyone hate one likes me.i am lacking in everything.i sometimes feel like why am I even living.i don’t even have anyone to express my thoughts and my one really understand me.i am a 9th grader.i don’t have any friends.they always judge me and make me feel like I am useless 😭 and I eventually started overthinking and now my exams are like after 10 days.i can’t that I am backwards in studies, even my family hates me.but I am trying my level best for good one gets it.i really need someone consultation so am here

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2 thoughts on “My sad story

  1. Anonymous

    hi, I’m sorry for what you’re going through 🙁 have people been outright mean? or do you just feel like people do not like you? can you talk to a school counselor or teacher?
    I don’t know how to help but you’re not alone in this. I have a similar problem. I’m an 11th grader and just flunked my mid-terms 💀
    but seriously, there’s a lot of better people out there, people that will accept you.
    I’m here to listen too. I may be reaching but we could be friends if you want :] <3

  2. Anonymous

    I think I’ve felt very similar to you when I was in high school. As far as your friends are concerned: insecure people can be mean. They think of themselves and don’t see others in depth. The goal is to boost their own ego. There are different ways to react to insecurity, but often people choose this path. You deal with your insecurity differently it seems, in my opinion, you’re likely also very focused on what is going on in your head, as are they. It’s not right of them to treat you this way, and I would suggest you distance yourself. But at the same time, keep in mind that their testament of you if a reflection of them and not of how you actually are. I’m sorry about your family too, it hurts when you can’t talk to anyone about what’s going on. Does your school offer counseling? Or maybe another place? That might give you the opportunity to get things off your chest. As someone who is also very lonely and has felt rejected many times, I learned that it’s important to be active in your situation: bad friends? Try to talk to people in school or maybe outside of school like at volunteering or clubs etc. to find new ones. unhappy with your grades? Visualize what you want to achieve and try to focus on it. You have your own life, what others think of you doesn’t take way your autonomy! Even when people are mean, it doesn’t change the fact that you can focus on what makes you happy. I understand it’s harder said than done and it hurts. But maybe this gave you some hope. As a former bullied kid: it gets better as long as you treat yourself with respect and dignity.


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