my secret teenage hobby


Im a 16 yr old girl from the US. I like romcoms and car rides. I make straight A’s and I volunteer at nursing homes and animal shelters. I go to youth group every wednesday night. I have a best friend and a little sister who I love. I follow all my parent’s rules and make them proud. They brag about me all the time. I dont vape or talk to boys. I talk to men. Online. No one knows. I never give them my name or pictures but they always know how old I am. They still want to meet up. They still talk dirty to me. They still tell me all the sick fantasies they have. My age doesn’t matter to them. I know they’re bad people but I like the attention. I’ve been doing this for years. I don’t know why I cant stop.

So far there has only been one guy that actually cared about my age. He was 25. He was nice. He started off flirty but stopped when I told him my age. He kept talking to me though.

I wonder how many people in everyday life are pedophiles. I wonder if I know any… how scary. I think of my sister and I unknowingly being around these people in real life. We might never know. I wonder how many grown men look at her with malicious intent. She’s 9. I’d never want that for my sister, but I actively seek it out online for myself. I guess I just like having the power to deny them and waste their time for my entertainment.

In conclusion, I’m an attention whore and a lot of men are pedos.

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5 thoughts on “my secret teenage hobby

  1. Anonymous

    I am the exact same. I spoke to a 40 year old when I was 13, everyday for 4 years. Now that I’m a bit older I do the same thing as you. I feel like I almost trained myself in my youth to thrive on petty male validation. Sad but true.

    1. Jay

      Hoping that’s not the case, because that’s honestly disgusting. If this is a person, I hope she does alright and eventually finds better people to befriend.


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